The Bondi Splash n’ Dash organisers are committed to give back to a very special part of the Bondi community – WAYS (Waverley Action Youth Services). The brainchild of local lifeguard and Bondi Rescue star, Andrew Reid (or ‘Reidy’ as he’s affectionately known) – the event raises much needed funds to support this invaluable facility that is so important to the Eastern Suburbs.

Growing up in Bondi as an overweight teenager, battling with bullies and depression, sometimes life was tough. Reidy’s escape was a little piece of paradise in Waroia Ave called WAYS. ‘The Youthie’ offers local kids who need help for whatever the reason may be, a place to go when there isn’t anywhere else. This event is as much about raising money for the Center as it is about getting the community moving. Each year we set a fundraising target and then try and smash it.


2014 - $5000

2015 - $8000



CEO and School Principal at WAYS

“The Splash n’ Dash is a great initiative and we are just really pleased that it’s going to help keep our programs running.”


Student of WAYS

"I started going to WAYS in 2013, when I was 15. Before I came to WAYS I wasn’t interested in school at all. I would jig school for weeks at a time and didn't pay attention in class. I just hated it. 

A lot of things happened which lead to me starting at WAYS. When I heard about starting a new school I was really unhappy about moving again because I had changed schools multiple times before that. I told my step mum I didn't want to go and that she couldn’t make me, which she told me was fair enough, but that I should at least check it out. She knew somebody who had been there and they did really well so I agreed I would go to an interview. 

We drove there and as soon as I saw the building I had a feeling things would be different. I met 2 of the most kind hearted women who where working as social workers at WAYS. I had an interview and told them a lot about myself and afterwards my step mum asked "do you think she's right for the school?" They looked at us and said "yes!"

I have been at WAYS for almost 2 years now and it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life so far. They have pushed me to do the absolute best I can. My grades have improved, I go to school pretty much everyday, engage in class and do my work. My teachers have been so amazing, they are so helpful and supportive not just in the class but also at lunchtime, recess and after school staying back if we need help with assignments. Our Principal (CEO) is the kindest hearted man ever who just cares about everybody so much and provides the most amazing opportunities for us kids. 

I actually love coming here to see the friends I have made, talking to my teachers and just having an overall great time. It's a great school with an amazing vibe that provides youth’s that are struggling the opportunity to get back on track."